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Consider the Features that Make WebPrez Videos More Effective Than Other Videos

WebPrez Message Composition:

  • Uses Scientifically Proven Communication Techniques

  • Sells the Need - Not the Product

  • Gets Right to the Problem - Immediately

  • Five Minute Average Duration

  • Does Not Reference Any Specific Product or Company

  • Does Not Use Technical Terms or Financial Jargon

  • Does Not Lecture, Complicate or Confuse the Viewer

WebPrez Interactive Functionality:

  • Instantly Reports Viewer Identity by Email

  • Displays Your Name, Photo and Business Description

  • Includes Email Response Form

  • Does Not Require "Plug In" or File Download

  • Can Be Played Without an Internet Connection

  • Does Not Require DVD Player or DVD Replication

  • Can Be Sent by Email Without File Attachment

Cognitive Science: Our Competitive Advantage

WebPrez uses more than 40 scientifically proven communication techniques in the composition and production of our videos. These techniques fall into five categories of communication science:

Examples of the communication science on which these videos are developed include:

Neural Linguistics - how the brain processes language through auditory and visual stimuli

Rhetorical Psychology - how our minds form rational and emotional thoughts from language

Cognitive Fluency - how words, terms and phrases subconsciously affect behavior

Subliminal Resonance - how our thoughts are influenced by unconscious perceptions, [and]

Kinetic Typography - how synchronized text and narration improve comprehension

And all the techniques we use have been derived from the research and discoveries of communication experts and behavioral psychologists like:

Dr. Kerry Johnson . . . author of "Subliminal Selling"

Dr. Kevin Hogan . . . author of the "Psychology of Persuasion"

and Dr. Robert Cialdini . . . author of "Influence: How and Why People Agree to Things"

And now any agent or advisor can take advantage of all these scientific communication techniques - by simply asking people to watch WebPrez videos, and letting the videos:

  • Educate People on Problems and Solutions

  • Offer People a Choice of What Might Interest Them

  • Sell the Need for Insurance and Annuities

  • Engage People in a Consultative Sales Process

  • Psychologically Influence Financial Decisions

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