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The WebPrez name or web address (URL) may not be used in any Fax Blasting, Automated Telemarketing or Email Broadcasting that might result in any violation of the Federal CAN SPAM Act.  This includes using a "masked" web link, landing page, micro site, or HTML graphic that does not visibly display the actual WebPrez URL.

WebPrez maintains a ZERO TOLERANCE SPAM policy; defining SPAM as any Unsolicited Commercial E-mail campaigns in violation of the Federal CAN SPAM Act, which expressly prohibits any broadcast of an email message to any database of email addresses without the explicit permission of each addressee.

Furthermore, any WebPrez subscriber who violates any regulation of the Federal CAN SPAM Act in connection with the WebPrez brand or domain, shall have their subscription immediately canceled, and SHALL BE HELD LIABLE for any and all damages and/or losses that might result as a consequence of such violation.