Useability Instructions

Three Best Ways to Use Your WebPrez Videos

Based on the results reported by thousands of agents and advisors using these videos since 2008, these are the three best ways to use your WebPrez videos:

    Add the Videos to Separate Website Pages
    Email the Videos to Someone in a Personal Message
    Show the Videos to People on Your Laptop or Tablet


1) Add the Videos to Your Website Pages

The first and best way to use your videos is to add them to your website.  And the best way to do this is to create separate pages for each video, and to embed the videos directly onto those pages.  This will play your videos within your web pages - not over them.

To do this, first locate the video on your video dashboard, and click on the [Embed] button. Choose which size you want, or use the 'Responsive' option (recommended), and then simply copy n' paste the embed code into your web page editor. You can also adjust the size of the video by changing the dimensions within the embed code.

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to use the video titles - not the video topics. For example, use the title: Convert Your 401k or IRA into Tax Free Income . . . not the topic Max Funded IUL.  And if you do not know how to edit your own web pages, we recommend that you assign this task to your website developer.


2) Email the Videos

The second best way to use your videos is to send them out in personal email messages.  To do this, you simply sign in to your video dashboard, and locate the video you want to send. Then click on the [Send] button. A new window will popup where you can enter the name and email address of the person you want to send it to, and type in a custom message. Then click the [Send Email] button, and the message will be delivered via our hi-speed server system.

There is a default message already set up, but you can edit this message or completely replace it, and save any changes you make for all future mailings.  

IMPORTANT: You should make it a habit to begin collecting email addresses at every opportunity. You can ask for business cards (which include email addresses) or simply ask people this question: "If I send you a short video by email, on (topic), will you watch it?" If the person says "yes" - (which almost everyone does), then you ask for their email address, and send them the video. You can do this in person or by phone.


3) Email the Videos to Someone in a Personal Message:

The third best way to use your videos is to play them for people during face to face meetings in someone's home or office, in a coffee shop, hotel lobby or seminar presentation.

You will need to be connected to the internet to show the videos, but most mobile devices, including iPads and tablets, are WiFi or 4G enabled these days.