Phil's Story

Phil has been selling annuities for more than 15 years . . . mostly indexed annuities with GIB riders.
Business was good, but he wanted more. So when he attended a one day workshop sponsored by his IMO, he was told that he could easily increase his average monthly production by offering other types of annuities, as well as life and health insurance, in addition to indexed annuities with GIB riders.  

At first, Phil was somewhat reluctant to step out of his comfort zone, or sell any products that required medical underwriting.  He knew everything he needed to know to sell indexed annuities and GIB riders. But he wasn’t as knowledgeable or experienced with other products - especially life and health insurance.
However, his IMO explained that they could provide him with professionally produced videos that would make it easy for him to present these other topics, and that they would also coach him up on everything he needed to know, and manage the underwriting process for him.  So he decided to give it a try. 

That’s when he was introduced to WebPrez videos.  And when he sampled some of the videos, he was immediately impressed with the professional quality, as well as the the many different topics he could use to sell annuities - like Safe Money Contracts, Retirement Income Questions, and FIA Decision Assurance.  Phil started by simply adding the videos to his website, but he wasn’t getting many clients or prospects to visit his website, so he didn’t get many viewings.
So he decided to go through his records of all the people to whom he had sold an annuity.  He thought about each one’s situation, and which videos might be of interest to them. 

For example, he had sold an $80,000 FID to Jerry Mikovski two years ago.  Jerry was now 6 months away from his 65th birthday, and was preparing to retire.  His wife Sharon would continue working as a school teacher until she too turned 65 in a couple more years.  Phil knew that Jerry would need to make a few critical decisions regarding Medicare and Social Security.  He also knew that Sharon had $155,000 in a TSP account.  So Phil sent Jerry an email with two videos for him to watch . . . one on Medicare options and the other on Social Security options.  He also sent Sharon a separate email message with a video on TSP Rollovers.  When Phil received an email notice that Jerry had watched both videos, he called him.  Jerry thanked Phil for the videos, because he knew he needed to make some decisions, and could use Phil’s advice.

So they scheduled a meeting in Phil’s office for the next week. Phil then sent Jerry an email message to confirm the date and time of their meeting, but also included another video on Medicare Advantage plans.  Two days later Phil received notice that Sharon had also watched the video he sent her on TSP Rollovers. So he called her too, and asked if she had any interest in moving her TSP money into an indexed annuity.  Sharon said that she would consider it, and agreed to join Jerry when they came into Phil’s office the following week. Phil then sent Sharon a follow up email with the Indexed Annuity video, so that she would be prepared to discuss the benefits of rolling over her TSP.  But Phil’s use of the videos didn’t end there.  When the couple came into his office the following week, he replayed the social security and medicare videos before addressing their questions.  Then, as they discussed the prospect of rolling over Sharon’s TSP account, several questions arose from both of them regarding the way indexed annuities work, which Phil was able to explain using his Safe Money Contracts video, and the Index Hedging, Reset and Crediting videos.  And before they left his office, Phil also played the Critical Illness video and the Long Term Care video for them - just to let them know that these were important issues to consider.

Jerry and Connie thanked Phil for the information and advice.   They told him that they were very grateful for his help with the Medicare and Social Security issues, as well as his concern for their financial security during retirement.  And within the next two weeks, Sharon did rollover her $155,000 TSP account into an indexed annuity, while Jerry bought a Medicare Advantage plan for himself.   A year later, they bought Critical Illness coverage. And over the next few years, Phil used his WebPrez videos to sell Jerry and Sharon a Final Expense life insurance plan and to rollover a bank CD into a QLAC annuity.

What’s more, Jerry and Sharon have also become a regular source of referrals, because after they watch one of his videos, he asks them if he can email the same video to some of their friends.  Of course, this is just one example of how Phil uses his WebPrez videos with all of his clients.  But since he started them three years ago, Phil says that he has tripled his average monthly production, and the health insurance renewal commissions are now covering his office overhead!

He sites the following WebPrez video topics as the ones he uses most:

Social Security
Medicare Introduction
Retirement Income Questions
Annuity Primer
Safe Money Contracts
Retirement Tax Strategy
Indexed Annuity
Withdrawal Guarantee
FIA Decision Assurance
Taxes, Risk and Fees
IUL Retirement Plan
Income Annuity (SPIA)
Split Annuity
CD Rollover Annuity
Longevity Annuity (QLAC)
Roth Annuity
IRA Rollover Annuity
Stretch IRA
RMD Conversion
Pension Maximization
Medicare Advantage
Medicare Part D
Critical Illness
Long Term Care
Final Expense

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