Christine's Story
Christine has been selling healthcare plans to individuals and families for more than 6 years.
But when the ACA mandate became law, she knew she had to “up her game”.  That’s when Taylor, a friend and colleague of hers, told her about the WebPrez videos she was using.  Taylor said that since she had begun sending the videos out to people by email, that her policy count had actually increased by almost 50%!  So Christine decided to give them a try.  She was already using Constant Contact as a database email delivery system to send out a monthly newsletter to all her clients.
So she started by simply featuring two or three videos in her monthly email newsletter, and immediately began receiving numerous click thru viewing notices from both clients and prospects.  This has made it easy to follow up right away with a phone call to answer questions and prepare price quotes.  Simply by adding the videos to her newsletter, Christine is now consistently getting interest in Critical Illness, Accident Indemnity and Hospital Indemnity.  She is also using the videos for Life Insurance and Mortgage Protection to sell term coverage.  But her biggest sales are coming from the Disability Income and Living Benefits videos.

Of course, Christine also had her website developer add the videos to her website.  And because she has gotten such a positive response from the videos in her monthly newsletter, she has been reaching out to both clients and prospects by email individually.  Christine maintains a tickler file for both annual renewals and birthdays that remind her every week of who she needs/wants to contact.  Then she reviews their file, selects a video she thinks will interest each particular person, and sends out an email with that video.  She has a tracking mechanism in her Constant Contact messages that alerts her to every click thru to watch a video.  Then she knows that she should follow up with a phone call right away.

The biggest difference she’s noticed by adding the videos into the one-on-one email messages, is that both clients and prospects are more interested in discussing the coverage presented in the video, than simply polite conversation about life, work and family - which is what she was previously getting.  So not only is Christine using WebPrez videos to offer people more of the financial security provisions they want and need, but she is also getting more referral introductions by simply offering to send a video to a client’s friends or family members - especially to elder family members who need Medicare coverage.
In fact, her Medicare business alone has almost doubled Christine’s client base in less than two years.

Christine sites the following WebPrez video topics as the ones she uses most often:

Major Medical
Health Savings Accounts
Dental & Vision Plans
Critical Illness
Accidental Injury
Hospital Indemnity
Medicare Options
Medicare Advantage
Prescription Drug [plans]
MediGap Supplements
Medicare Savings Accounts
Disability Income Protection
Family Protection Life Insurance
UL with Living Benefits rider

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