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CONTENT LICENSE AGREEMENT:To use any of our videos, you must agree to accept the following Terms and Conditions as legally binding on you and/or any third party you engage to use or enable WebPrez videos on your behalf, such as your web developer or your marketing service:

License: In exchange for your monthly subscription fee, WebPrez grants you the right to publish our videos on ONE website that is NOT replicated for any other users, AND to use the links to our videos in any sales or marketing application that is NOT meant for resale or redistribution. IMPORTANT: Viewings are strictly limited by subscription plan.

Termination: You may terminate your "month to month" renewal charge at any time, by simply signing into your video dashboard, and clicking on the [Cancel Account] button. Payment Your payment card will automatically be charged a monthly renewal fee (in advance) on the same day each month. This fee is "non refundable" because you may cancel your auto renewal in your dashboard up to 24 hours prior to your renewal date.

Delinquency: If for any reason your monthly payment cannot be processed, you will be immediately notified by email to update your payment information through your video dashboard. However, your subscription will automatically be cancelled if you do not update your payment information within six (6) days.

Copyrights: You agree that WebPrez videos are protected by United States copyright, trademark and intellectual property laws, and that you will not personally (or through any third party) duplicate, copy, modify, manipulate, transfer, or reverse engineer any WebPrez video scripts, digital files or source code.

Warranty: You agree that WebPrez offers NO guarantee, assurance or warranty of any kind, and is NOT responsible for the results you may derive from the use of our videos. Furthermore, WebPrez cannot guarantee that our videos will never be temporarily disrupted due to technical problems, internet connectivity, or any website malfunction beyond our control or responsibility.

Disclaimer: You agree that WebPrez is not qualified to provide tax or legal advice, and that any tax or legal references made within the context of the videos should be verified by a qualified tax or legal professional.

Liability: You agree that WebPrez reserves the right to correct any errors or inaccuracies contained in the videos, in a timely and responsible manner, and without liability of any kind. WebPrez also reserves the right to discontinue any video, at its own discretion - without obligation or liability of any kind.

Indemnification: You agree to indemnify and hold WebPrez harmless from any claims, losses, damages, liabilities, judgments and expenses in any way related to your use of our video services, including any disruptions in service due to technical problems, internet vandalism, or bandwidth limitations.