Here are the Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions
These questions are listed in order of those that are most often asked to those that are least often asked. Of course if you have a question that is not listed here, please let us know by starting a conversation with the Chat widget at the bottom right corner of this page. Thank you.

What are the best ways to use these videos?

WebPrez videos will play on any device with an internet connection, including phones and tablets, as well as laptops and desktops. So these are the 7 best ways to use these videos:

  1. You play the videos during all your face to face meetings.
  2. You send the videos to someone by email or text.
  3. You play the videos remotely while you talk with someone on the phone.
  4. You add the videos to your website.
  5. You insert the videos into your seminar presentations.
  6. You feature the videos in your advertising or marketing campaigns.
  7. You post the videos on your social media pages.

Our subscribers (especially the multi million dollar producers) have told us that they are getting the best results with our videos in "live" meetings with both prospects and clients in their home, office, or over the phone. So we did further research and our own testing to discover why. It turns out that immediately after watching a WebPrez video, viewers are psychologically engaged and compelled to respond with specific questions or a request for more specific information - right away! So when the advisor is present, the results are almost always productive - meaning that the viewer (client/prospect) is most inclined to buy something. However, when the advisor is NOT present (ie; email marketing or any type of advertising) at the time a viewer watches a video, the outcome was much less productive. So the best way to use our videos is to play them for people on your laptop, tablet or phone, while you are meeting with them in person or by phone.

Are these videos difficult to use?

Absolutely NOT! You can be set up and using these videos in only five minutes - without any instruction or training at all. Because you only need to add these videos to what you are already doing. You simply copy and paste them onto your website and into your email messages, and play them for people during meetings, phone calls, or seminar presentations.

Is there anything I need to set up before I use these videos?

Nope, not at all. Because your dashboard is automatically set up for you. You can then activate which videos you want to use by simply flipping a switch on each one. Once that's done, you can play the videos from your dashboard, or simply copy and paste the videos into your email messages. And to add the videos to your website, you can easily copy and paste the embed codes into your website pages, or give your website developer access to your dashboard to embed the videos for you.

How do I show or send the videos to someone?

We give you two ways to play each video, and two ways to send each video.

To play a video for someone: you can login to your video dashboard and simply click the play button, or you can embed the videos on your website, and play them off your website.

To send a video to someone: you can copy ‘n paste the video text link, or copy ‘n paste the video image link from your dashboard into your own email or text message. And when someone clicks on either one, the video will open in a player frame with your photo image, contact information, and business description. That’s all there is to it. It’s really just that simple.

What are the most popular Life Insurance videos?

  • Taxes, Risk & Fees
  • IUL Retirement Plan
  • IUL Hedging
  • IUL Reset
  • IUL Crediting
  • Safe Money Contracts
  • Section 162 Bonus Plan
  • Lifetime Benefits
  • Business Equity Transfer
  • Cash Value as Asset Class

What are the most popular Fixed Annuity videos?

  • Retirement Questions
  • Indexed Annuity
  • FIA Hedging
  • FIA Reset
  • FIA Crediting
  • Withdrawal Guarantee
  • Annuity Primer
  • 412e3 Pension Plan
  • IRA Rollover
  • RMD Conversion

What are the most popular Employee Benefit videos?

  • Small Company Options
  • Split Funded Health Plans
  • HSA with HDHP
  • Section 105 HRA
  • Group Dental & Vision
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • 401k Plan Rollover
  • Group LTD
  • Simple 401k Plan
  • Telemed Consultation

How often do you produce new videos?

We try to produce at least one or two new videos every month, depending on market demand for new topics, as well as the revisions we continually make to our current videos.

What’s the cost to use these videos?

You get access to all categories, all videos, unlimited and unrestricted viewings, for only $99 per month.

What’s more, it’s a simple month to month subscription that you may cancel at any time.

Can I select any videos I want?

Yes, you can use any of the videos you want. There are no limitations or restrictions. You simply open a category (Annuities; Life; Health; Benefits, or P&C) to access all the videos we offer. And when new videos come out, those videos will be available as well.

Are there any restrictions on how often my videos can be viewed?

No. There are no limitations to how many times your videos can be viewed. Your viewings are unlimited.

Are these videos FINRA compliant?

Because WebPrez is not qualified to be a member of FINRA, we are prohibited from directly submitting our videos to FINRA for compliance review. What’s more, our videos are specifically exempt from FINRA oversight because they do not cover any investment, equities or securities topics. However, numerous broker/dealer compliance departments have approved our videos, and we ARE compliant with the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) guidelines for advertising material.

Can I talk with someone at WebPrez before I subscribe?

Sure thing! Submit your question(s) along with your phone number through the contact form at the bottom of this page and someone will call you.

What sort of results can I expect from using these videos?

One, you can expect viewers to respond to each video in three ways: they will ask questions . . . they will want more information . . . they will request a plan proposal.

Two, you can expect to sell more every month, because the videos use more than 40 scientifically proven communication techniques to present financial solutions in the most psychologically engaging, informative and compelling way . . . in a way that has been proven up to 400% more effective than any written or verbal explanation - including those of even the most articulate and persuasive advisors.

IMPORTANT: These videos are meant to be shown to people while meeting or talking with them. So the results you will get are for selling situations - NOT marketing or lead generation.

Why do I need videos to sell?

According to the clinical research of communication experts, even the most articulate and eloquent advisors have a problem with their written or verbal explanations. The problem (according to the clinical research) is that our our clients and prospects do not understand or remember as much as 80% of what we ask them to read, and as much as 90% of what they hear us say! 80% to 90%! The problem isn’t with what we’re writing or saying. The problem is with the way people read and listen.

But when people watch a WebPrez video, they understand and remember as much as four times more than written words, and as much as eight times more than spoken words. Which means that even for the most articulate and eloquent advisors, WebPrez videos can be up to four times more effective than what people read, and up to eight times more effective than what they hear!

So immediately after watching a WebPrez video, even the most discerning viewers, like doctors, attorneys, engineers, and corporate executives, will respond to each video in three ways: they will ask questions . . . they will want more information . . . or they will request a plan proposal.

And by using WebPrez videos regularly, every time you meet with clients and prospects, you can expect to sell more every month. Because you can show people many different videos (on any mobile phone, tablet or laptop) that will explain financial solutions you think might interest them, or some information you want them to understand, in order to make a purchase decision.

What makes WebPrez videos better than other videos?

WebPrez Videos combine text, images and narration along with more than 40 scientifically proven communication techniques to deliver the most neurologically and psychologically engaging, informative and compelling explanations . . . explanations that get even the most discerning people (like doctors, attorneys, engineers, and corporate executives) to ask questions . . . to want more information . . . or to request a plan proposal.

What are these scientifically proven communication techniques?

These 40 scientifically proven techniques fall into five categories of communication science:
  • Semantic Networks - how the brain interprets cognition by association with data references
  • Rhetorical Psychology - how our minds form rational and emotional thoughts from language
  • Cognitive Fluency - how words, terms and phrases subconsciously affect behavior
  • Subliminal Resonance - how our thoughts are influenced by unconscious perceptions, and
  • Kinetic Typography - how synchronized text and narration improve comprehension
And all the techniques we use have been derived from the research and discoveries of communication experts and behavioral psychologists like:
  • Dr. Kerry Johnson . . . author of "Subliminal Selling"
  • Dr. Kevin Hogan . . . author of the "Psychology of Persuasion"
  • Dr. Robert Cialdini . . . author of "Influence: How and Why People Agree to Things"
  • Mr. Nick Kolenda . . . author of “Methods of Persuasion”
And you can take advantage of all these scientifically proven neuro and psycho linguistic communication techniques whenever you ask people to simply watch a WebPrez video, and allow the video to professionally explain the problem and the solution for you.

How does the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee work?

You may cancel your account for any reason and at anytime within the first 30 days of using our videos, and we will immediately refund your entire payment back to your credit or debit card.

What should I say in an email message I send out with a video?

Subject: (use video title from dashboard)

Here’s an idea that might be of interest to you (first name):

If you think something like this might be of interest to you (first name), or if you have any questions and want more information, just reply to this email, and let me show you how it could work for you.

Do the videos notify me when someone watches one?

Not exactly. Each video concludes with your choice of an email response form, or a button that can redirect the viewer to any page on your website. However, studies have shown that 87% of people will NOT submit questions or request a proposal after watching a video, unless the agent or advisor is actually present - even though the viewers ARE interested and would like more information.

So you can do two things to know when someone watches one of your videos:

1: if you put your videos on your website, you can create a page form that require viewers to identify themselves by entering their names and email address or phone number prior to watching the video.
2: if you send a video to someone by email, you can add a tracking code that will notify you by email or text whenever someone opens your email to watch your video.

How should I put the videos on my website?

It depends on how you use your website. You can create a video library divided up into target market sections, or you can create separate pages for each video based on your website navigation. Either way, we can assess your website and advise you on the best way to feature the videos on your website. Just call us or schedule a call with us, and we’ll advise on the best way to add the videos to your website.

How do I insert the videos into my seminar slides?

It depends on two variables: 1) what type of slides you use (PowerPoint, xxx, etc); and 2) how you want to use the videos within the context of your presentation (surveys, Q&A, etc). Either way, we can help you decide which videos to use, and how best to integrate them into your seminars. Just call us or schedule a call with us, and we’ll advise on the best way to add the videos to your seminar presentations.

How do I feature the videos in my monthly email newsletter?

Monthly email “newsletters” are a great way to keep your name in front of your clients and prospects. And our videos are the best type of content to feature, because people prefer to watch video than to read text by 7 to 1. And all you need to do is simply copy and paste a video image into the body of your newsletter, along with the video description. You can feature one video each month, or as many as three.

How do I feature a video in my lead generation advertising or marketing campaigns?

It depends on the medium you use . . . newspaper, radio, television, postcards, email, affiliate banners, etc. So schedule a call with us, and we can tell you how to get the best results based on years of experience with other top producers who tell us what works and what doesn’t.

How do I know when someone opens my email message to watch one of my videos?

There are two ways to do this: one is free, and the other can cost up to $15/month.

Can I use these videos for lead generation?

Yes, of course. And studies have shown that people are more likely to watch a video than they are to read text by a ratio of 7 to 1. And video will typically increase email open rates by 40%! However, studies have also shown that 87% of people will NOT submit questions or request a proposal after watching a video, unless the agent or advisor is actually present - even though the viewers ARE interested and would like more information. So if you are NOT present at the time someone watches a video, you will not get questions or any request for a meeting or for additional information. In fact, research has proven that for every five minute delay between the prospect’s interest and the advisor’s personal response, the probability of meeting with a qualified prospect diminishes to zero within 24 hours. So if you use the videos in any type of mass marketing or lead generation advertising, you should first capture the lead BEFORE you allow someone to watch the video, and then be prepared to personally follow up as soon as you get the new lead.

Why would I need to use so many videos?

If you are a real professional, a true advisor, then you are only proposing solutions AFTER you conduct a thorough fact finder or interview. And based on your client’s or prospect’s needs, you will propose a solution. Which means that there are numerous solutions you must be prepared to introduce, present and explain. You might think of your business as “retirement planning” or “insurance planning” or “financial planning” . . . or you might think of your business in terms of the products you sell - like Fixed Index Annuities or Indexed Universal Life. But those products are only a component of the solution, and they can be configured or applied in a various ways.

For example, if you are a retirement planning professional specializing in FIAs, and your client or prospect is skeptical about FIAs, you will need videos to explain Index Hedging, Index Resets, and Index Crediting. You might also need to explain the fundamental benefits and advantages of different types of annuities, as well as why FIAs are considered Safe Money Contracts.

Or when you talk about lifetime income provisions, you will need videos to explain Annuity Laddering, Split Annuities, GIB Riders or Annuity Buckets for retirement income. And if you are truly a comprehensive financial or retirement advisor, you will need videos to explain Long Term Care annuities, Asset Based LTC annuities, or Longevity annuities (QLAC).

And when you have a client or prospect who is a business owner - do you not have a professional obligation to discuss his company’s 401k plan? Or a Cash Balance plan to put more money into his own 401k account? Or his fiduciary responsibility as the plan sponsor?

We have videos for all these topics, and more. So if you are more than a simple “product salesman” - you need ALL these videos to take advantage of ALL the sales opportunities with every client and prospect you have.

Can you give me some examples of how to use these videos?

“I’ve been using a combination of 3 or 4 videos with almost everyone I meet with. I start with the Taxes, Risk & Fees video, followed by either the IUL Retirement Plan or the 162 Bonus Plan video, and then the Safe Money Contracts video. The biggest sale I’ve gotten so far was on two business partners for a total of $42,000 in target premium.”

“The second day my videos were online, I sent two different people to my website to watch them. Only one has turned into a sale so far, but that sale was a $270,000 annuity!"

“I showed the Business Equity Transfer video to the owner of a local car dealership last month. And when I called him yesterday, he said that he had passed the video onto his accountant, and he approved it. I should earn a little over $90,000 on that case.”

“I placed a $572,000 immediate annuity using my WebPrez videos, and it only required two meetings! I showed her the Retirement Questions videos, then the Income Annuity video, and finally the Safe Money Contracts video. That did it. And the result was a $35,000 commission.”

“Last month I showed the 162 Bonus Plan and the Business Equity Transfer videos to the three owners of a restaurant chain here in Minneapolis. They chose the bonus plan, and now I’ve got three applications in underwriting for $83,000 in target life premium.”

“I use these videos everyday. Last Tuesday I showed the Private Equity Banking video to a couple who recently inherited almost $500,000. They loved the concept, and have already submitted a joint life application with a $94,000 annual premium.”

“I’ve been showing the Cash Value / Asset Class video to all my clients looking for more diversity in their investment portfolios. I’ve already gotten several sales with it, but the latest one earned me a commission of $26,000.”

“I recently showed the Annuity Laddering video to a couple who were referred to me by their accountant, after he watched the same video himself. They decided to buy an immediate annuity, a deferred annuity, and a longevity annuity for a total of $420,000.”

“I’ve been using the 412e3 video to get in with radiologists and oncologists. I use the other videos as well - especially the 401k Plan Rollover video and the Cash Balance Plan video. But the 412e3 video alone has been responsible for earning me well over $200,000 last year.”

“I had couple in Indianapolis that I had been working with to rollover $85,000 from a 401k account into an indexed annuity. And we were in the final stages of completing the application when I noticed some reluctance on the part of the wife. So I stopped and showed her the Indexed Annuity video on my laptop. After watching the video very intently, she asked if she and her husband could talk privately in another room. When they came back out, not only was she sold, but she increased the rollover to $300,000.”

"The first time I used these videos, I sent them out by email to a guy in Chicago that I had been trying for 3 months to rollover his IRA. He had kept putting me off, until he watched the Indexed Annuity video and the IRA Rollover video that I sent him. Right after he watched the videos, he emailed back to me that he would do the deal on Monday. And it was a $45,000 commission!"

“I have a quarterly newsletter I send out to more than 400 people. I feature a different video every time (it's easily done), and have gotten many calls from people who have watched one of these "safe money" videos, which have directly helped me earn at least $50,000 more than I would have earned without them, in each of the last three years.”

“One of the biggest sales I’ve made using these videos was to a single woman - a senior level corporate executive with a Fortune 500 company. She was only 55, but wanted to retire early. Between her pension plan, her 401k, and her personal savings, she had a little over $1.9 million. I showed her 3 of the videos: the Taxes, Risk & Fees video; the IUL Retirement Plan video; and the Safe Money Contract video. And it all made perfect sense to her. So we ended up with a five year plan to roll the entire 1.9 mil into a custom designed IUL contract, with policy loans to resolve the tax liability (like a Roth conversion) which saved her $400,000 in taxes, and earned me well over $100,000.”

How much do you charge to produce a proprietary video?

The cost to produce one of our “neurolinguistic” videos will normally run between $9,000 and $15,000 - depending on the complexity of the topic and the length of the video. And it usually requires from 50 to 90 days to complete each video.

Why is WebPrez located in Puerto Rico?

WebPrez was initially incorporated in San Diego, California in July of 2000. We later moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming. And in 2016, we relocated and reincorporated in Los Piedras, Puerto Rico because the owners decided to take residence in the Caribbean. WebPrez is still a US corporation, and it is still owned and operated by the original founders - the Vinal family.
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