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There are thousands of agents and advisors using WebPrez video throughout the United States.

And hundreds who have been WebPrez subscribers since we first introduced the videos in 2008.

Here's what a few of them have to say about these videos:

Shawn Parry - Memphis, Tennessee

"Only two days after introducing our agents to the Webprez videos, two of our newer agents used the IUL video in their follow up with two business owners and the result was over $50,000 in annual premium."

Ray Ferro - Palm Desert, California

"The first video I sent by email was to a guy I had been trying to get to rollover his IRA for 3 months. After he viewed the video, he emailed back to me that he will do the deal on Monday . . . a $45,000 commission!"

Randy Hinderer - Auburn, Alabama

"I've shown the videos to at least 35 or 40 people, and only one of them didn't buy . . . and that was because he was not insurable."

Ray Adams - Seattle, Washington

"The second day my videos were online, two different people were surfing my website and watched them. Only one has turned into a sale, but that sale was a $ 270,000 annuity."

Chuck Oliver - Winter Park, Florida

We use WebPrez videos everyday, and they are a big reason why we will more than double our production this year. Because the videos get us into discussion with people much faster and easier than anything else we've ever used . . . especially with people who initially told us they were not interested."

Gary Wells - Casper, WY

"I am a tax accountant, a financial planner, and an insurance agent. And I want my clients to know that we can help them solve some very important financial problems, which they may never have considered.

However most people simply won't take the time to read print material. But I found that these same people will watch short powerful videos to gain a better understanding of both the problems and the solutions."

Jason Bosley - Fairfield, TX

I would just like to say "Thank You" for the service you provide. I have written over $400,000 in annuities since adding your videos to my presentation.