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Getting prospects to understand the products & services you offer doesn’t have to be stressful.
Explain elegantly and effectively with video . . . from WebPrez.

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Transform the way you sell, and your clients will transform too
When you use WebPrez videos to explain your products, you will:
Improve retention & understanding
When you uncover your prospects blind spots and overcome cognitive biases, you build trust and authority.
Remove indecision
Prospects say “no” before they “know”, and it’s killing your sales. Improve engagement and comprehension by 400% with video!
Create "forever" clients
 Become the liked, trusted, respected, and referable financial professional you're destined to be.
Become a greater asset to your prospects and clients
Be seen as the trusted authority you are with years of hard-earned knowledge and skills portrayed in every video.
Trusted by businesses like yours
Great videos and easy to share. I like that the videos are not product specific and use an educational approach to drive interest. I like to use the videos to drive a point home and/or aid in helping to keep my prospects interest after and during my appointment process. 🚀
Sam Kirkendohl, Aiken, SC
I've been using WebPrez videos to inform prospects and clients for well over a decade. The best part is that the system pays for itself many, many times over! 🔥🔥
Tyrone French, Long Beach, CA
The most effective way to get clients and prospects engaged with you for concepts that lead to insurance sales is by using the WebPrez platform. This has changed my practice to a level that I only hoped for when I broke into this industry years ago.
Carter Wilcoxson, Incline Village, NV
Video Categories
Quickly and easily engage your prospects interest and open a productive dialogue using over 150 insurance and annuity videos in our library! Choose a video category below.
Our promise to you
  • Use the videos free for 30 days without obligation
  • Month to month subscription - no set up fee or contract - cancel at any time
  • Meet with one of our video marketing experts to get started on the right foot
  • Receive weekly email messages with ideas on how to use your videos
  • Talk directly, by phone or chat, with one of our video marketing experts whenever you have questions or need help
  • We will help you integrate your videos into your marketing plan or strategy

 You have all the tools you need to feel trusted, respected and confident 
The world our prospects live in can make “smart financial choices” seem complicated. Today’s media bombards them with erroneous and confusing information, making them untrusting at worst, and otherwise hesitant to engage at the least.

Help them ditch that narrative once and for all by leveraging the power of video to engage, inform and compel your prospects into educated buying decisions.

With WebPrez Videos, you can introduce and explain, in only 3 to 6 minutes, the benefits of various insurance and annuity solutions, using more than 40 scientifically proven communication techniques that improve cognitive engagement and comprehension by as much as 400% better than written or spoken explanations, and as much as 200% better than other types of videos!

With these videos, you can help your clients and prospects understand the benefit and appreciate the value of the insurance or annuities you offer.  You can cross sell and upsell.  You can make prospects aware of problems they might not know they have.  You can quickly and easily engage their interest, and open a productive dialogue, which you can turn into a purchase decision.  With these videos, you can help people see the insurance or annuities you sell as the important financial security provisions that they need.
Get started today and experience an unparalleled selling advantage!
 No setup fee, No Contract, Month-to-Month. Cancel at Anytime. 
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Use the videos within your own CRM system, and be responsible for creating your own marketing campaigns, view tracking and “live” reporting.
 What do I get with the free trial? 
You get the automated weekly campaigns, all 150 videos (including the Recruiting, Referral and List Builder videos), the custom video pages and email messages, the video page links, the embed codes, the QR codes - everything!  And there is only a five minute set up before you can begin using it all.
 Can I email or text a video to a single person? 
Yes.  To send someone a video by email or text, you simply click on the Videos tab in your dashboard, select a video from one of the categories, and then enter the name, email and phone number of your prospect.  Then click the SEND button, and the message will automatically be created and sent for you.  And when the prospect watches it, you will get an email and text Viewing Notice.

You may also create your own email or text message, and simply copy the video page link int the message, and send it off yourself - from within your own inbox.
 Can I play WebPrez videos in a virtual meeting, like Zoom or Microsoft Teams or Google Meet? 
Yes, you can play your videos during a virtual online meeting. Just share your screen and play the video from either your website or your video dashboard.
 What if it doesn’t work? I’m tired of throwing away money on programs. 
We totally understand. Which is why you get to try it free for thirty days and after that it's simply month-to-month and you can cancel anytime.
How will I know when someone watches one of the videos? 
As soon as someone  clicks to watch a video, the system will immediately send you both an email notice AND a text message with the viewer's name, email and phone number, so that you may pick up the phone and call them right away - while the video is fresh in their mind.  What's more, ALL your viewings will be tracked and recorded on your WebPrez video dashboard, so that you can reference them whenever you want.

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