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Life Insurance
Life insurance videos for you to INTRODUCE...
Topics include:
Tax Free Retirement Plan
IUL Hedging
IUL Reset
IUL Crediting
Safe Money Contracts
​​​​​​​Key Person
​​​​​​​Sec 162 Bonus
​​​​​​​Salary Continuation
​​​​​​​Business Tax Strategy

Fixed Annuities
Annuity videos to help you ENGAGE...
Topics include:
Annuity Primer
Indexed Annuity
GIB Rider
FIA Hedging
FIA Reset
​​​​​​​FIA Crediting
​​​​​​​IRA Rollover
​​​​​​​RMD Conversion
​​​​​​​Roth Annuity

Health Insurance
Health insurance videos to INFORM...
Topics include:
Health Savings Account
Dental Coverage
Critical Illness
Disability Income
Long Term Care
​​​​​​​Medicare Advantage
​​​​​​​Medicare MSA
​​​​​​​Medicare Supplement
​​​​​​​Major Medical (HDHP)

Employee Benefits
Benefits videos to COMPEL decisions...
Topics include:
Small Group Options
Split Funded Plans
Group Dental/Vision
Group Disability
Group Life & Accident
​​​​​​​Cash Balance Pension 
​​​​​​​412e3 Pension Plan
​​​​​​​Payroll Deduction
​​​​​​​Sec. 105 HRA

Videos       Science       Pricing       FAQ       Contact       Login
7 Ways To Use These Videos
Watch the short video below to better understand exactly how to use these videos to get results.
When people watch a WebPrez Video...
...they understand and remember as much as four times more than written words, and as much as eight times more than spoken words. Which means that even for the most articulate and eloquent advisors, WebPrez videos can be up to four times more effective than what people read, and up to eight times more effective than what they hear!
Amazing praise from some amazing advisors...
"We have integrated WebPrez videos into all of our marketing, as well as our sales process, and they never fail to get the prospects attention."
Chuck Oliver | 
I specialize in voluntary benefits for employees of small to midsize companies.  So I always use the Voluntary Benefits video with the employer. . . the most recent company I did this with earned me a little over $12,000 in first year commissions.”
Rebecca | Sacramento, CA
“I’m getting excellent results with the 401k Plan Rollover video, the Simple 401k video, the Cash Balance video, and the 412e3 video.  These videos make it so easy to get the attention of the decision makers, and seems to be giving me a competitive advantage too.”
Tyler | Philadelphia, PA
"I have written over $400k in annuities in the two weeks since adding your videos to my sales process."
Jason Bosley | 
"These videos make it so easy to quickly explain the need for the solutions I provide."“​​​​​​​
Bob Young | 
“I wasn’t having much success until I started showing the videos on Life Insurance, Critical Illness, and Disability Income.  Now I’m getting at least 2 or 3 of these sales every month! These videos have made a real difference for me.”
Pauline | Houston, TX
Why WebPrez Videos Get Better Results Than Other Videos
WebPrez Videos combine text, images and narration along with more than 40 scientifically proven communication techniques to deliver the most professionally engaging, informative and compelling explanations.
These scientifically proven communication techniques fall into five categories of “neuro” and “psycho” linguistic science:
Semantic Networks
Divider Text
How the brain associates new information with established concepts.
Rhetorical Psychology
Divider Text
How our minds form both rational and emotional thoughts from language.
Cognitive Fluency
Divider Text
How words, terms and phrases subconsciously affect behavior.
Subliminal Resonance
Divider Text
How our thoughts are influenced by unconscious perceptions.
Kinetic Typography
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How synchronized text and narration improve cognition.
Learn more about the science behind WebPrez
Try the videos RISK-FREE for your first 30 days. Money back guarantee.

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