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According to Video Marketing Research:

People are 46% more likely to seek additional information after watching a video.
People are 64% more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video.
People have 57% more confidence in their purchase after watching a video.
Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch a video to completion.
Videos with text on screen are watched to completion 40% more often than those without.
The average person spends 88% more time on a website with video.
Video on a landing page increases conversion by at least 80%.
Video in an email increases click thru rates by as much as 200% to 300%.
Video on social media generates 1200% more sharing than text and images combined.
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Post directly to social media with pre-made copy.
   YouTube "Teaser" Videos
One minute teaser videos you can upload to YouTube. See example
   Video Embed Codes
Easy to use code snippet to add to any website you own.
   Instant Email Notifications
Get notified of leads and responses. See example
   Proprietary Branding
Add your picture, logo, bio and business description.
   Updates & Revisions
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Commonly Asked Questions

Lead Generation is simply identifying target market prospects. Lead Conversion is the process by which you convert or transition those prospects into clients. And we now provide you with easy to use components to customize your own lead conversion process, based on how you generate leads and the process you currently use to convert those leads, as well as any business systems you are using.

Absolutely NOT! You can be set up and using these videos in only five minutes - without any instruction or training at all. Because it is all just “click to play” or “copy and paste”! And we provide step by step “how to” instructions for every way you can use them.

What makes our videos very different from other videos are the more than 40 scientifically proven communication techniques derived from the research and discoveries in the fields of Semantic Networks; Rhetorical Psychology; Cognitive Fluency; Subliminal Resonance and Kinetic Typography. And you can take advantage of all these scientifically proven communication techniques whenever you ask people to watch a WebPrez video.

No, once your free trial ends, you will not be charged unless you Choose a subscription plan and authorize a payment.

Yes we do. For groups as small as 10, and as large as 5,000. Click Here for Discount Pricing.

Yes, by email. But only if you activate the Lead Engagement or the Viewing Notice for each video - which is optional, though recommended.

There is no “best way” because it really depends on how you generate leads, and your current lead conversion process, as well as your business systems. But we can help you determine the “best way” for you. Click Here to schedule a call to discuss.

Yes we can. We charge a one time fee of $199 to put your videos on your website. And we charge a one time fee of $399 to set up a video email marketing campaign. Click Here to schedule a call to discuss.

You can expect viewers to respond to each video in at least one of four ways:
1) they will ask questions...
2) they will want more information...
3) they will request a price quote...
4) they may tell you that they are not interested. And if they are not interested in one topic, you have access to many more - some of which will be of interest to them.

Our customer support team is available Monday thru Friday from 8 am Eastern to 4 pm Pacific, by live chat, email, or a scheduled phone call. Click Here to schedule a call now.

You can easily upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription from within your WebPrez dashboard at any time, and without cost, obligation, or penalty.

WebPrez videos are compliant with the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) guidelines - but not FINRA compliant. Our videos are specifically exempt from FINRA oversight because the topics are not related to any investment, equities, or securities topics, and because they do not reference any specific product or company.

We try to produce at least one or two new videos every quarter, depending on market demand for new topics, as well as the revisions we continually make to our current videos.

Yes. We charge $900 to customize any one of our videos, or $900 + $500 / minute for a new proprietary topic. Click Here to schedule a call to discuss.

Absolutely! We WANT to talk with you, because that’s the best way to be sure you get set up correctly and use the videos to get the best results for your business. Click Here to schedule a call now.

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